Cristina Icleanu

I have met Cristina several times. Once you meet her and spend 24h in her shoes you can’t just walk away. She is the one to support, to work with, to stand by, to donate to. She has it all: the experience, the love for these dogs and above all she has the responsible attitude in rescuing and rehoming she applies all the good practices. She has an excellent rehoming program. Few months ago She bought a new land to build her future safe heaven and center of rehabilitation with her own money. It is located 30 minutes north from Bucharest Otopeni airport in a beautiful landscape. It has easy access for anyone that wishes to volunteer at her shelter. Cristina welcomes any kind of help for the dogs.

Micky Serban

Very bad rescue

Also known as Ana Mihaela Serban or Miky Serban.

Fara Maidanezi

Fara Maidanezi translates into No Stray Dogs.

The person behind this Facebook page spews a lot of hate against dogs. The discourse if atrocious, riddled with bad words and swearing and full of propaganda against homeless animals and the people who chose to rescue them. I reported some of the worst posts to Facebook, but fb didn’t care.

Their page is in Romanian language and it is geared toward convincing people that dogs are malignant vermin that needs to be killed the same way you kill rats. They claim homeless dogs is basically an infestation and it should be treated accordingly.

Quoting from their website: “The sterilization of stray dogs is the most stupid thing possible. Stray dogs have to be killed en masse”.

Looking at their website was painful, especially since a lot of dog on human aggression dogs are either fake or exaggerated.

A lot of Romanians fall prey to this kind of propaganda because whoever is behind this Facebook account exploits people’s fears that their kids might be attacked by aggressive dogs. Sadly it doesn’t take much to instigate Romanians to hate homeless animals. Under the pretense that they protect children and human rights, they instigate to hate against animals and a lot of people buy into that.

Their Facebook page has a custom tab (Drepturile Omului, translated as Human Rights), and this tells me that either the person behind the page is knowledgeable about web development or they have enough money to pay someone to make the custom tab for them. In my opinion this Facebook page has some backing from authorities or people that stand to gain from mass euthanasia and they use this as a tool to instigate people against dogs and allow them to continue the public shelter businesses. They have one more page called “fugi ca vin hingherii” (run because the dog catchers are coming). This page is not as popular as “Fara Maidanezi”. Both pages were founded on 2011, 2012 and they got traction in 2013 when Ionut (the unsupervised kid who got mauled to death by some dogs)


International group of volunteers rescuing from all over Romania, but also from a few other countries.

A few words about their wonderful work.

Link to their website

They also do a lot of activism (petitions, informative/awareness posts)

The Little Rescue

UK based that rescues all over Romania’s territory. Enumerate the areas from where they rescue and link to the Romanian rescuers with whom they collaborate the most.

A few words about their amazing work.

Link to their website

Enumerate the people who run the rescue and maybe give links to their Facebook profiles.

Sadies Stray Dog Rescue

UK based association that rescues mainly from Bacau city and organizes spay/neuter campaigns in the surrounding areas.

A few words about the amazing work they do.

Links to their website

Links to all their groups

A few words about the collaboration with Ia-ti acasa un prieten association

A few words about the collaboration with the volunteers group at Bacau public shelter

The story of the sterilization campaigns and how the authorities dropped the ball. Describe how they navigate the politics in Bacau city hall and the outcome of the sterilization campaign scandal from December 2015 (or was it 2014). 

A few words about Leslie Ford and why some other rescuers don’t like her. Her strong personality is an asset to the rescue, but at the same time pushes some people away.

A few words about the work they do outside of Bacau

Dr Wili Glaser

Dr Wili Glaser is an exceptional vet and human being. He is very vocal on his personal Facebook page in promoting spay/neuter as a means to manager the stray animal population humanely as well as a means to avoid health complications resulting from lack of sterilizations. He often shares pictures of his pet patients to illustrate why responsible pet ownership and sterilization are very important. The pictures were published with the accord of the patient’s owner. 

Dr Wili Glaser is a staunch advocate for animals and he urges everybody to display compassion toward animals. He also posts about the daily social injustices that Romanians suffer at the hands of the incompetent authorities.

He is not only very professional and good at his job, he is also a good human being who treats everyone (human or pet) with kindness.

He has a clinic for veterinary geriatrics and oncology and he successfully fixed a lot of difficult cases.

Cristina Paun

Cristina is 100% dedicated to rescuing homeless animals in her town. Her private shelter is located on a 23,000 square meters land that is owned by her.

Numerous times she takes over dogs from all parts of the country and saves the days for those who ask for help. I actually saw posts from people in other cities thanking her for taking over various dogs in need and finding homes for them.

She founded an association called Asociatia Sufletel Targoviste but the association doesn’t seem to have an official Facebook page.

Cristina’s way of promoting her rescues by posting them in the Mobile Photo album on her Facebook personal profile. This album over 14,000 pictures of dogs.

So far she rescued many dog, at least one horse, one donkey, and a weasel. She advocated for all animals’ welfare, not just dogs.

Here’s a link to a photo that shows info about Cristina’s association

Cristina is not shy in reporting animal cruelty when she comes across a case. Here’s the result of one of her police reports. She is very outspoken and not afraid to report cruelty and abuse cases and take legal avenues to combat corruption in the public shelters.

Violeta Sava

Violeta is a private rescuer living in the town of Mangalia, Constanta County in the south east part of the country right by the Black Sea. She does not know English, so it is difficult for her to communicate with prospective foreign adopters or donors.

She works with the local vet in her town and rescues a lot of dogs.

I got to know her toward the end of 2016 when I was asked by a Swedish adopter to translate between her and Violeta. The Swedish adopter wanted to adopt a white Bichon dog rescued by Violeta.

I got to know Violeta through my online conversations with her and I realized she is a rather simple person who wants to help dogs find their forever homes. At the time she was not knowledgeable about the intricacies of sending a dog outside of the country (not to mention that Sweden has stricter laws than the rest of Europe).

She tends to not trust when a foreigner asks to adopt and promises to send the money for transportation, vet and what not after the dog arrives to their new home.

I do not blame Violeta for that since it took a long time (almost 2 months) for the Swedish adopter to pay the bills for that dog. Having outstanding vet debt is very stressful for rescuers, especially since they don’t have high paid jobs. To do rescue 24/7 one needs to have a job that does not involve a lot of work hours and these kind of jobs are usually paid a median salary. Therefore a vet debt can break a rescuer like Violeta.

She patiently waited for payment from the foreign adopter. I sensed that in a way she was resigned that she will be left with debt for the dog she just sent to Sweden. I ended up persuading the adopter to pay and I even organized a small fundraising for the remaining money.

Anca Stamatachi

Anca is a prominent member of Paw Rangers Volunteers group rescuing Bacau’s dogs.

She is the type of strong person who doesn’t let herself intimidated. For instance she is not afraid to go to the public shelter in Bacau and demand to see how the dogs are doing, despite of the personnel who is never helpful.

Most of the rescuers I talk to report that going to a public shelter is a harrowing experience and it results in various degrees of depression and sadness when they see the terrible conditions the dogs live in. Anca is one of the few who has the courage to subject herself to this experience. 

She often pulls out dogs, especially if said dogs are in bad condition. Her English is very good and she writes very compelling messages about these dogs. She works hard to give a chance at happiness to these dogs. I hope that soon I will be able to organize a fundraiser for her and the dogs. She definitely deserves all the help she can get.

She is very collaborative and a great team player. Frequently she combines her efforts with Laura Mardare (Amity Dedieren)‘s and other Bacau rescuers.

It goes without saying that she is an advocate of spay/neuter.