Angel Pet Transport

Transport Romania to UK only

Additional email address

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5 star reviews on Facebook (over 160 reviews, so they must be doing something good)

V.I.Pet Transport

Ground transportation for dogs

Private group organized by Ioana Gheorghian.

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Kerry Wollacott

UK based rescuer who saves from Breasta public shelter.

Rated controversial because there are reports from other foreign adopters that she misappropriates funds.

This rescuer is not verified yet

Victoria Vik

Victoria Vik (most likely not her real name) is the administrator of several animal rights groups along with a few other people. One of her groups is Admin for Justice for Animals – Nu abandona, Sterilizeaza! Through this group she advocates for humane treatment of homeless animals and spay/neuter as a means to manage the . She is outspoken against abandoning and shares a lot of cases in her groups.

Some of the admins to her page are very vehement at accusing all private rescuers of trafficking dogs. It is ok to call out specific rescuers if they prove to be fake, but to accuse everyone indiscriminately proves maliciousness, therefore she is rated as controversial.

Sorina Radu

Sorina and her boyfriend are working on offering a shelter to the dogs of Odobesti. They also rescue from the entire region of Focsani, Vrancea. They recently pulled out 160 dogs from Golesti public shelter.

Their association is named Asociatia pentru Protectia Animalelor Cruela (Animal Protection Association Cruela). They named the association Cruela in honor of the one of the co-founder’s beloved dog who passed away a few years back.

They set up a fundraiser to build a private shelter

This information is based solely on their words and it wasn’t verified yet.

Their rescue is rated controversial because the sum asked to build the shelter seems a little high and they did not present a properly documented business plan to justify the asking of 60,000 euros.

Silvia Mihai

Asociatia Max Dog

Oana Ungureanu

To my knowledge she does not rescue (definitely not in an organized and constant way), but she does a lot of awareness through her Facebook profile.

She exposes a lot of the dog catchers cruelty and she is one of the people who does not stay indifferent to injustice and cruelty against animals. Check out her Facebook timeline and photos to learn more about the cruelty displayed by dog catchers and public shelters.


Mikaela Barsa

Mikaela Barsa used to have a pet transportation company. 

She used to be pretty active, but a couple of years ago she had a baby and reduced her activity significantly.

She is rated controversially because there were reports of mistreatment of dogs during transportation.

My rating is unverified because I do not know her personally.

Garofita Hoffman


Turbopet Cabinet Veterinar Mobil

Fedora MaryLoo

Admin group Stop Euthanasia! Say YES to animal rights