Dr Wili Glaser

Dr Wili Glaser is an exceptional vet and human being. He is very vocal on his personal Facebook page in promoting spay/neuter as a means to manager the stray animal population humanely as well as a means to avoid health complications resulting from lack of sterilizations. He often shares pictures of his pet patients to illustrate why responsible pet ownership and sterilization are very important. The pictures were published with the accord of the patient’s owner. 

Dr Wili Glaser is a staunch advocate for animals and he urges everybody to display compassion toward animals. He also posts about the daily social injustices that Romanians suffer at the hands of the incompetent authorities.

He is not only very professional and good at his job, he is also a good human being who treats everyone (human or pet) with kindness.

He has a clinic for veterinary geriatrics and oncology and he successfully fixed a lot of difficult cases.

Dr Rudi Hoffman

The reasons he is rated controversial are:

  1. There are reports of having a bad bedside manner (rude to pet owners)
  2. There are reports of providing incorrect treatment for animals
  3. He is one of the four associations/shelters in charge of promoting adoptions in Bucharest (source We were hoping to see him use his connections with the authorities to convince them to offer better conditions in public shelters.


Dr Iustin Girea

Iustin Girea followed in his father’s footsteps and became a veterinary doctor as well. After he graduated college, he started working in his father’s vet practice.

Trauma Surgery Vet.

He specialized in trauma and tough cases.

His controversial status stems from reports about his bad bedside manner. There are pet owners who report that he is very rude if he is bothered with cases considered “boring”.

Other pet owners swear by him.

As far as his veterinary skills are concerned, we haven’t received or seen any complaints yet.

Garofita Hoffman


Turbopet Cabinet Veterinar Mobil

Dr Aurelian Stefan

Info about Dr Aurelian Stefan and Romania Animal Rescue – Center for Hope Hospital.