Micky Serban

Very bad rescue

Also known as Ana Mihaela Serban or Miky Serban.

Violeta Sava

Violeta is a private rescuer living in the town of Mangalia, Constanta County in the south east part of the country right by the Black Sea. She does not know English, so it is difficult for her to communicate with prospective foreign adopters or donors.

She works with the local vet in her town and rescues a lot of dogs.

I got to know her toward the end of 2016 when I was asked by a Swedish adopter to translate between her and Violeta. The Swedish adopter wanted to adopt a white Bichon dog rescued by Violeta.

I got to know Violeta through my online conversations with her and I realized she is a rather simple person who wants to help dogs find their forever homes. At the time she was not knowledgeable about the intricacies of sending a dog outside of the country (not to mention that Sweden has stricter laws than the rest of Europe).

She tends to not trust when a foreigner asks to adopt and promises to send the money for transportation, vet and what not after the dog arrives to their new home.

I do not blame Violeta for that since it took a long time (almost 2 months) for the Swedish adopter to pay the bills for that dog. Having outstanding vet debt is very stressful for rescuers, especially since they don’t have high paid jobs. To do rescue 24/7 one needs to have a job that does not involve a lot of work hours and these kind of jobs are usually paid a median salary. Therefore a vet debt can break a rescuer like Violeta.

She patiently waited for payment from the foreign adopter. I sensed that in a way she was resigned that she will be left with debt for the dog she just sent to Sweden. I ended up persuading the adopter to pay and I even organized a small fundraising for the remaining money.

Anca Stamatachi

Anca is a prominent member of Paw Rangers Volunteers group rescuing Bacau’s dogs.

She is the type of strong person who doesn’t let herself intimidated. For instance she is not afraid to go to the public shelter in Bacau and demand to see how the dogs are doing, despite of the personnel who is never helpful.

Most of the rescuers I talk to report that going to a public shelter is a harrowing experience and it results in various degrees of depression and sadness when they see the terrible conditions the dogs live in. Anca is one of the few who has the courage to subject herself to this experience. 

She often pulls out dogs, especially if said dogs are in bad condition. Her English is very good and she writes very compelling messages about these dogs. She works hard to give a chance at happiness to these dogs. I hope that soon I will be able to organize a fundraiser for her and the dogs. She definitely deserves all the help she can get.

She is very collaborative and a great team player. Frequently she combines her efforts with Laura Mardare (Amity Dedieren)‘s and other Bacau rescuers.

It goes without saying that she is an advocate of spay/neuter.

Roxana Elena

Roxana Elena is Oana Maria‘s sister.

She studies veterinary medicine at Bucharest University to become a vet doctor.

Together with her sister they rescue a lot of cats and find homes for them.

Roxana Chirita

Roxana Chirita is a veterinary assistant at a clinic in Bucharest. She is also an animal rescuer.

She is one of the founders ofVolunteer Hearts & Homes, an association that takes homeless animals, treats them and finds homes for them.

I’ve met her online when I had to translate between a Swedish adopter and Violeta Sava with the purpose to send one of Violeta’s rescue dogs to Sweden. Roxana graciously offered not only her expertise and knowledge about exporting live animals to Sweden, but she also transported the dog to the adopter.

Besides rescuing homeless animals, she also organizes sales of various goods and donates all the proceeds to animals.

On a personal level, Roxana is incredibly nice and well mannered.

Her English is fluent.


Radu Termure

Radu Termure is an older guy who dedicated all his life and resources to rescuing animals. Unfortunately there is a person named Tita Racovita who keeps denigrating him.

He is going through a rough patch because the landlord where he rents space to host his shelter wants to throw him and the dogs out.

Radu Termure is a rather shy rescuer who does not ask for donations. Unlike other rescuers he is not very good at promoting his work. Luckily he has a lot of supporters both Romanian and foreign and they do their best at donating for his dogs and promoting him.

He is located in Cluj county in the middle of the country and he has over 1000 dogs in his private shelter.

Oana Maria

Oana Maria is a lovely young woman who rescues cats in Bacau. She does the entire rescue effort for her cats starting from pulling them from the streets, to socializing them, to finding good homes. At any given time she has 10-20 cats in her apartment and often responds to requests from other people to take over abandoned or injured cats.

She is part of the Paw Rangers Volunteers initiative

She promotes spay/neuter on her group Protectia Animalelor Bacau (Bacau Animal Protection) where she is an admin along with 4 more people. She is the one who posts most of the time.

She works with Sadie’s Stray Dogs Rescue to promote free spay/neuter surgeries offered by the UK organization. She disseminates printed materials and does her best to convince people to sterilize their animals.

On a personal level she is a very nice person with a great sense of humor who often posts fun bits about her cats on Facebook. Her English is fluent.

Monica Mitreanu

Monica Mitreanu rescues from Breasta, one of the worst public shelters in Romania.

I don’t know a lot about her, but other people report that she is a very good rescuer.

Oana Andreea Popa (Klmt)

Oana saves a lot of dogs and cats in Vaslui  (east part of the country usually regarded as behind with the times to say it nicely).

She operates in a silo. She’s got her own group of supporters, mostly from Germany, Netherlands and other western european countries. Because she operates in a silo she has been spared the envy that a lot of Romanians rescuers endure from other people.

She has her own private Facebook group where she communicates the needs of the animals rescued by her, posts receipts, and looks for responsible adopters. I donated to her once way back when and I would gladly do it again. I consider her a bona fide rescuer who deserves to be supported by people.

Mioara Botea

Mioara Botea is a very emotional rescuer. She displays a lot of empathy toward homeless animals and does her best to find solutions for them. Unfortunately she gets overwhelmed by the amount of suffering she sees and transfers all that stressful emotion to the potential donors. She does not have space to host animals and her family is not very supportive, so she has to ask for help on Facebook from other people.

Therefore she rescues occasionally and it doesn’t help that she is not very knowledgeable about the proper process of rescue.

For instance one time she rescued a big group of dogs for which she asked for help on Facebook. Due to her lack of physical means to host the dogs and the fact that each and every dog was in danger, her posts almost had an ultimatum and emotional blackmail feeling. I am aware that the situation was of such nature, that help was needed immediately, so I understood why she had to write her posts like that. Also I believe she didn’t do it intentionally. It was basically what she felt.

Eventually she managed to find a rescuer with space to foster the dogs and the proper relations to find adopters in Western Europe. Unfortunately she didn’t carry the effort all the way to the end. Me and a few other people donated for those dogs and I had to message her to ask what happened to the dogs. Normally an experienced rescuer will follow up with updates about the solution they found for the dog.

Mioara gave me the contact info of the rescuer who took over the dogs and I intend to message them to confirm that indeed the dogs are fine and I didn’t donate in vain.

She is rated as controversial rescue because she is not very good at managing her emotions and the collaboration with her has the potential to turn into an emotional rollercoaster. However I believe her intentions are good, it’s just she does not have the psychological strength to rescue.