Kerry Wollacott

UK based rescuer who saves from Breasta public shelter.

Rated controversial because there are reports from other foreign adopters that she misappropriates funds.

This rescuer is not verified yet


International group of volunteers rescuing from all over Romania, but also from a few other countries.

A few words about their wonderful work.

Link to their website

They also do a lot of activism (petitions, informative/awareness posts)

The Little Rescue

UK based that rescues all over Romania’s territory. Enumerate the areas from where they rescue and link to the Romanian rescuers with whom they collaborate the most.

A few words about their amazing work.

Link to their website

Enumerate the people who run the rescue and maybe give links to their Facebook profiles.

Sadies Stray Dog Rescue

UK based association that rescues mainly from Bacau city and organizes spay/neuter campaigns in the surrounding areas.

A few words about the amazing work they do.

Links to their website

Links to all their groups

A few words about the collaboration with Ia-ti acasa un prieten association

A few words about the collaboration with the volunteers group at Bacau public shelter

The story of the sterilization campaigns and how the authorities dropped the ball. Describe how they navigate the politics in Bacau city hall and the outcome of the sterilization campaign scandal from December 2015 (or was it 2014). 

A few words about Leslie Ford and why some other rescuers don’t like her. Her strong personality is an asset to the rescue, but at the same time pushes some people away.

A few words about the work they do outside of Bacau