Andra Maria Lavric

I was supposed to interview her for my documentary back in 2016, but due to time constraints I wasn’t able. She rescued dogs and cats in Brasov area and she is very dedicated. Therefore I want to build a website for her as soon as I have bandwidth.

Information about Happy Tails Brasov Association. PayPal

Anda Murgu

Anda Murgu information

Asociatia Suflete Dragi information (Precious Souls Association)

Ana Maria

Ana Maria info

Works for Fundatia Ia-ti Acasa un prieten (Take home a friend)

Alina Bulciu

Alina has been rescuing dogs for 6-7 years if not longer. She rents space in someone’s back yard and she has three home made kennels over there. I’ve met her for the first time in person in 2014, but I’ve been fundraising for a few of her dogs since 2013. What I like about Alina is that she has vision and she was among the first ones in Bacau to say that the solution to stray animals is sterilization. Therefore I decided to help her in a constant way. In 2013 she opened a non profit association in Bacau and she has her own page Street Dogs Saving Mission Bacau. I am an editor for her page and I help her with posting dogs for adoption or fundraising requests in English.

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Ancuta Elena Nadis

Ancuta rescues horses. She has a farm somewhere close to Bucharest and she would be the go to person if you need a place to host/foster a horse. She is very knowledgeable about horse vet care.


Notable case: Phoenix

Primary Facebook Page: Save The Horses Romania

Secondary Facebook Page: Asociatia Pentru Viata (Pro Life Association)

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