Cristina Icleanu

I have met Cristina several times. Once you meet her and spend 24h in her shoes you can’t just walk away. She is the one to support, to work with, to stand by, to donate to. She has it all: the experience, the love for these dogs and above all she has the responsible attitude in rescuing and rehoming she applies all the good practices. She has an excellent rehoming program. Few months ago She bought a new land to build her future safe heaven and center of rehabilitation with her own money. It is located 30 minutes north from Bucharest Otopeni airport in a beautiful landscape. It has easy access for anyone that wishes to volunteer at her shelter. Cristina welcomes any kind of help for the dogs.

Cristina Paun

Cristina is 100% dedicated to rescuing homeless animals in her town. Her private shelter is located on a 23,000 square meters land that is owned by her.

Numerous times she takes over dogs from all parts of the country and saves the days for those who ask for help. I actually saw posts from people in other cities thanking her for taking over various dogs in need and finding homes for them.

She founded an association called Asociatia Sufletel Targoviste but the association doesn’t seem to have an official Facebook page.

Cristina’s way of promoting her rescues by posting them in the Mobile Photo album on her Facebook personal profile. This album over 14,000 pictures of dogs.

So far she rescued many dog, at least one horse, one donkey, and a weasel. She advocated for all animals’ welfare, not just dogs.

Here’s a link to a photo that shows info about Cristina’s association

Cristina is not shy in reporting animal cruelty when she comes across a case. Here’s the result of one of her police reports. She is very outspoken and not afraid to report cruelty and abuse cases and take legal avenues to combat corruption in the public shelters.

Sorina Radu

Sorina and her boyfriend are working on offering a shelter to the dogs of Odobesti. They also rescue from the entire region of Focsani, Vrancea. They recently pulled out 160 dogs from Golesti public shelter.

Their association is named Asociatia pentru Protectia Animalelor Cruela (Animal Protection Association Cruela). They named the association Cruela in honor of the one of the co-founder’s beloved dog who passed away a few years back.

They set up a fundraiser to build a private shelter

This information is based solely on their words and it wasn’t verified yet.

Their rescue is rated controversial because the sum asked to build the shelter seems a little high and they did not present a properly documented business plan to justify the asking of 60,000 euros.

Silvia Mihai

Asociatia Max Dog

Marius Chirca (Kola Kariola)

Marius Chirca is the founder of asociatia Kola Kariola. He is one of the most well known rescuers in Romania thanks to the show Salvam Suflete (Saving Souls). 

Salvam Suflete (Saving Souls) is a reality show produced by Kanal D and is presented by Daniel Nicolaina. I this show Marius Chirca rescues animals and Daniel Nicolaina exposes cases of corruption at public shelters. 

Besides rescuing hundreds of animals, Marius Chirca is doing important educational work through the show, promoting compassion and justice toward homeless animals.

Unfortunately Marius Chirca is not immune to troubles. There are people who accuse him of corruption, misappropriating donations and choosing only the grave cases that elicit the most compassion. As far as I’ve seen, the accusing parties have failed to provide compelling evidence in this direction. As far as choosing some cases over others, this accusation doesn’t hold ground because nobody can expect this man to rescue each and every case. It is not humanely possible.

The only controversial thing I’ve seen was some screenshots of private conversations between Marius and a lady who accused him openly. In this online conversations Marius was rather disrespectful and dismissive of the lady. I believe that a person should hold his behavior in high standards no matter what.

Marinela Banu

Marinela and her husband love cats.

She hosts over 30 cats on her property and feeds over 140 street cats. She is a fervent supporter of spay/neuter as a means of humanely manage the stray cat population and feeding feral cat colonies.

In her words, she took a passion for cats and turned it into a legal activity when she applied for non profit status for her organization. Her association is called Mau of Bastet.

Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of cats and Mau is a cute way of saying meow in Romanian language.

She simply loves cats and wants to do good by them. Once in a while she rescues dogs too, but the main beneficiary of her rescue work is cats.

One of the cases that impressed me was Parlog’s story. This Tom cat was rescued by Marinela when he was already 5 or 6 years old. Poor little guy had kidney problems and Marinela did her best to treat him back to health despite the vet costs. She grew very attached to Parlog and witnessing her struggle to make him well was a testimony of how much rescuers love each and every animal they rescue. Parlog’s story should be a reminder to be kind to the rescuers.

Marinela is also an activist. She’s the admin of Pisici group which has over 10,000 active members.

Lucretia Puica

Details about Lucretia and Asociatia un suflet pentru fiecare – Iasi (Association A Soul For Everyone – Iasi)

Laura Mardare (Amity Dedieren)

She is a very private rescuer, but a very good and reliable one.

Fundatia Ia-ti acasa un prieten (Take home a friend) sponsored mainly by Mariana Slic.

Collaboration with Sadies Stray Dogs Rescue.

Involvement in spay/neuter programs.

One of the most reliable rescuers, but also very private.

Delia Botea

Information about Delia Botea’s activity and Care For Dogs Romania association

Daniela Ristea

Information about Daniela Ristea’s rescue activity and her association Ham Miau (Woof Meow)

Link to her interview