Victoria Vik

Victoria Vik (most likely not her real name) is the administrator of several animal rights groups along with a few other people. One of her groups is Admin for Justice for Animals – Nu abandona, Sterilizeaza! Through this group she advocates for humane treatment of homeless animals and spay/neuter as a means to manage the . She is outspoken against abandoning and shares a lot of cases in her groups.

Some of the admins to her page are very vehement at accusing all private rescuers of trafficking dogs. It is ok to call out specific rescuers if they prove to be fake, but to accuse everyone indiscriminately proves maliciousness, therefore she is rated as controversial.

Oana Ungureanu

To my knowledge she does not rescue (definitely not in an organized and constant way), but she does a lot of awareness through her Facebook profile.

She exposes a lot of the dog catchers cruelty and she is one of the people who does not stay indifferent to injustice and cruelty against animals. Check out her Facebook timeline and photos to learn more about the cruelty displayed by dog catchers and public shelters.


Monica Gabriela Maghiar

Monica Gabriela Maghiar rescues cats (and once in a while dogs) and she also does a lot of awareness work, activism and education through her Facebook page and group. She is Admin for Adoptii Pisicute – Pui si STERILIZARE OBLIGATORIE This group has over 4000 active members.

She is a strong promoter of adoption and sterilization for cats.

She tends to be harsh when dealing with people who don’t quite grasp the concept of spay/neuter as a means to manage humanely the stray animal population. I do not blame her because it’s easy to lose your patience when you see so much ignorance. However I realize that it is more productive to be patient with people who don’t understand that spaying/neutering is the right way to manage the problem.

MDPA (Miscarea Dreptate Pentru Animale)

MDPA (Miscarea Dreptate Pentru Animale) translates as Justice For Animals Movement.

I don’t know if they have legal status or it’s an ad-hoc group of activists. Either way they are responsible for organizing protests for animal rights and for lobbying the authorities to improve the animal welfare and anti-cruelty laws.

They also spread awareness about a lot of cruelty cases and they educate the people who discover these cases on how to report to police. They do that through posts on Facebook, so do not imagine classes of civic education.

MDPA is most likely one of the very few activist organizations that are initiating legal actions against authorities for not applying Law 204 (the Romanian law for Animal Welfare)

Here is their website Miscarea Dreptate Pentru Animale

Maria Zina Butiuc

Zina is a rescuer as well as an activist. She used to work in the police force, so she has an insight into how the anti-cruelty works and how it is applied by the police (rather how it is ignored by police)

She can’t stay indifferent to the suffering of animals. She often travels by car and if she comes across an animal in need, she will stop and try to help. No exception. She does not host pets per se, but she will find a foster, fundraise for the costs needed to treat the pet, and will find a proper family for them.

Few people know that she is fighting cancer and she undergoes treatments in Italy. It seems that the fight is successful and she is getting in remission.

Even though she goes through her own health struggles, she never forgets the less fortunate. This woman is a force of nature. The needy animals that come in her path will have a guarantee that Zina will help them find a loving and responsible family. She will do everything possible to help and she doesn’t give up.

Mariana Dane

In her day to day life MarianaDane is a Russian and French teacher. She is informally associated with Centrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2. She promotes the shelter and its long distance adoption program and thanks to her a large number of Romanian people signed up for the program.

Besides long distance adopting a few dogs herself, she participates in pet contests ( and others) and if she wins, she donates all the money to the dogs hosted at CTV2.

One of the best things about her is her talent for writing the stories about the special cases hosted at the shelter. The stories written by her show the life of the Romanian homeless dogs from their perspective. Her stories are great tools for teaching compassion towards animals. I read a few of her stories and the emotional impact was very strong.

She is the administrator of the unofficial Facebook page of CTV2.

In August 2016 Mariana initiated a petition to ensure the continuation of the long distance adoption program and gather good will with the city hall and local councilors.

I loved the idea of empowering the Romanian citizens through program that offer long distance adoption for all budgets, so i made a website for Centrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2. The website’s purpose is to facilitate the the access to information of potential adopters. The site is bilingual and offers information on how to adopt, an adoption request form and updates about the adopted dogs

Kuki Alexandru Barbuceanu

He is a project manager at Vier Pfoten, one of the largest animal rights organizations in Europe. He was very vocal against the dog culling following immediately after the death of Ionut.

Giana Maria Szolomajer


Admin grupul Adopta un suflet si salveaza o viata

Fedora MaryLoo

Admin group Stop Euthanasia! Say YES to animal rights