Roxana Elena

Roxana Elena is Oana Maria‘s sister.

She studies veterinary medicine at Bucharest University to become a vet doctor.

Together with her sister they rescue a lot of cats and find homes for them.

Silvia Mihai

Asociatia Max Dog

Dr Rudi Hoffman

The reasons he is rated controversial are:

  1. There are reports of having a bad bedside manner (rude to pet owners)
  2. There are reports of providing incorrect treatment for animals
  3. He is one of the four associations/shelters in charge of promoting adoptions in Bucharest (source We were hoping to see him use his connections with the authorities to convince them to offer better conditions in public shelters.


Radu Termure

Radu Termure is an older guy who dedicated all his life and resources to rescuing animals. Unfortunately there is a person named Tita Racovita who keeps denigrating him.

He is going through a rough patch because the landlord where he rents space to host his shelter wants to throw him and the dogs out.

Radu Termure is a rather shy rescuer who does not ask for donations. Unlike other rescuers he is not very good at promoting his work. Luckily he has a lot of supporters both Romanian and foreign and they do their best at donating for his dogs and promoting him.

He is located in Cluj county in the middle of the country and he has over 1000 dogs in his private shelter.

Oana Maria

Oana Maria is a lovely young woman who rescues cats in Bacau. She does the entire rescue effort for her cats starting from pulling them from the streets, to socializing them, to finding good homes. At any given time she has 10-20 cats in her apartment and often responds to requests from other people to take over abandoned or injured cats.

She is part of the Paw Rangers Volunteers initiative

She promotes spay/neuter on her group Protectia Animalelor Bacau (Bacau Animal Protection) where she is an admin along with 4 more people. She is the one who posts most of the time.

She works with Sadie’s Stray Dogs Rescue to promote free spay/neuter surgeries offered by the UK organization. She disseminates printed materials and does her best to convince people to sterilize their animals.

On a personal level she is a very nice person with a great sense of humor who often posts fun bits about her cats on Facebook. Her English is fluent.

Monica Gabriela Maghiar

Monica Gabriela Maghiar rescues cats (and once in a while dogs) and she also does a lot of awareness work, activism and education through her Facebook page and group. She is Admin for Adoptii Pisicute – Pui si STERILIZARE OBLIGATORIE This group has over 4000 active members.

She is a strong promoter of adoption and sterilization for cats.

She tends to be harsh when dealing with people who don’t quite grasp the concept of spay/neuter as a means to manage humanely the stray animal population. I do not blame her because it’s easy to lose your patience when you see so much ignorance. However I realize that it is more productive to be patient with people who don’t understand that spaying/neutering is the right way to manage the problem.

Marinela Banu

Marinela and her husband love cats.

She hosts over 30 cats on her property and feeds over 140 street cats. She is a fervent supporter of spay/neuter as a means of humanely manage the stray cat population and feeding feral cat colonies.

In her words, she took a passion for cats and turned it into a legal activity when she applied for non profit status for her organization. Her association is called Mau of Bastet.

Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of cats and Mau is a cute way of saying meow in Romanian language.

She simply loves cats and wants to do good by them. Once in a while she rescues dogs too, but the main beneficiary of her rescue work is cats.

One of the cases that impressed me was Parlog’s story. This Tom cat was rescued by Marinela when he was already 5 or 6 years old. Poor little guy had kidney problems and Marinela did her best to treat him back to health despite the vet costs. She grew very attached to Parlog and witnessing her struggle to make him well was a testimony of how much rescuers love each and every animal they rescue. Parlog’s story should be a reminder to be kind to the rescuers.

Marinela is also an activist. She’s the admin of Pisici group which has over 10,000 active members.

Maria Vasile

Maria Vasile lives by herself in a cabin about 25 km away from Bucharest. She is divorced, has a grown up daughter that doesn’t live with her anymore. She works as a vet nurse and gets involved in spay/neuter campaigns often.

She is one of those genuinely good people who wants to do the right thing, so she basically turned her cabin into a rescue cat sanctuary. She is taking care to close to 90 cats, 3 or 4 dogs, and a hedgehog. She ended up with so many cats because a lot of people want to get rid of cats and basically dump the cats with her. Other cats belonged to her sick neighbor and she took them in as an act of kindness.

She is a strong advocate of spay/neuter as a humane means to manage the homeless dogs and cats population and she frequently give advice to cat owners from her experience as a vet nurse.

She inspired me to write this article 10 Reasons To Love The Crazy Cat Lady In Your Life

In the future I plan to make a website for her.

Laura Mardare (Amity Dedieren)

She is a very private rescuer, but a very good and reliable one.

Fundatia Ia-ti acasa un prieten (Take home a friend) sponsored mainly by Mariana Slic.

Collaboration with Sadies Stray Dogs Rescue.

Involvement in spay/neuter programs.

One of the most reliable rescuers, but also very private.

Kuki Alexandru Barbuceanu

He is a project manager at Vier Pfoten, one of the largest animal rights organizations in Europe. He was very vocal against the dog culling following immediately after the death of Ionut.