Roxana Elena

Roxana Elena is Oana Maria‘s sister.

She studies veterinary medicine at Bucharest University to become a vet doctor.

Together with her sister they rescue a lot of cats and find homes for them.

Silvia Mihai

Asociatia Max Dog

Salveaza o viata Corina

Corina works for Centrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2, a public shelter that takes very good care of dogs and functions thanks to a Local Council Ordinance allowing long distance adopters.

Centrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2 has two locations: Butimanu and Tanganu and she manages both. Corina manages both shelters and is sort of a jack of all trades.

Among her responsibilities at the shelter are:

  • updating the long distance adopters through the Facebook group 10 Lei Pentru Catei (10RON for dogs) 
  • working with Mariana Dane to attract more long distance adopters as well as permanent adopters
  • organizing adoption events at the CTV2 shelters and manage CTV2’s presence at various pet themed fairs

Roxana Chirita

Roxana Chirita is a veterinary assistant at a clinic in Bucharest. She is also an animal rescuer.

She is one of the founders ofVolunteer Hearts & Homes, an association that takes homeless animals, treats them and finds homes for them.

I’ve met her online when I had to translate between a Swedish adopter and Violeta Sava with the purpose to send one of Violeta’s rescue dogs to Sweden. Roxana graciously offered not only her expertise and knowledge about exporting live animals to Sweden, but she also transported the dog to the adopter.

Besides rescuing homeless animals, she also organizes sales of various goods and donates all the proceeds to animals.

On a personal level, Roxana is incredibly nice and well mannered.

Her English is fluent.


Marius Chirca (Kola Kariola)

Marius Chirca is the founder of asociatia Kola Kariola. He is one of the most well known rescuers in Romania thanks to the show Salvam Suflete (Saving Souls). 

Salvam Suflete (Saving Souls) is a reality show produced by Kanal D and is presented by Daniel Nicolaina. I this show Marius Chirca rescues animals and Daniel Nicolaina exposes cases of corruption at public shelters. 

Besides rescuing hundreds of animals, Marius Chirca is doing important educational work through the show, promoting compassion and justice toward homeless animals.

Unfortunately Marius Chirca is not immune to troubles. There are people who accuse him of corruption, misappropriating donations and choosing only the grave cases that elicit the most compassion. As far as I’ve seen, the accusing parties have failed to provide compelling evidence in this direction. As far as choosing some cases over others, this accusation doesn’t hold ground because nobody can expect this man to rescue each and every case. It is not humanely possible.

The only controversial thing I’ve seen was some screenshots of private conversations between Marius and a lady who accused him openly. In this online conversations Marius was rather disrespectful and dismissive of the lady. I believe that a person should hold his behavior in high standards no matter what.

Radu Termure

Radu Termure is an older guy who dedicated all his life and resources to rescuing animals. Unfortunately there is a person named Tita Racovita who keeps denigrating him.

He is going through a rough patch because the landlord where he rents space to host his shelter wants to throw him and the dogs out.

Radu Termure is a rather shy rescuer who does not ask for donations. Unlike other rescuers he is not very good at promoting his work. Luckily he has a lot of supporters both Romanian and foreign and they do their best at donating for his dogs and promoting him.

He is located in Cluj county in the middle of the country and he has over 1000 dogs in his private shelter.

Oana Ungureanu

To my knowledge she does not rescue (definitely not in an organized and constant way), but she does a lot of awareness through her Facebook profile.

She exposes a lot of the dog catchers cruelty and she is one of the people who does not stay indifferent to injustice and cruelty against animals. Check out her Facebook timeline and photos to learn more about the cruelty displayed by dog catchers and public shelters.


Oana Maria

Oana Maria is a lovely young woman who rescues cats in Bacau. She does the entire rescue effort for her cats starting from pulling them from the streets, to socializing them, to finding good homes. At any given time she has 10-20 cats in her apartment and often responds to requests from other people to take over abandoned or injured cats.

She is part of the Paw Rangers Volunteers initiative

She promotes spay/neuter on her group Protectia Animalelor Bacau (Bacau Animal Protection) where she is an admin along with 4 more people. She is the one who posts most of the time.

She works with Sadie’s Stray Dogs Rescue to promote free spay/neuter surgeries offered by the UK organization. She disseminates printed materials and does her best to convince people to sterilize their animals.

On a personal level she is a very nice person with a great sense of humor who often posts fun bits about her cats on Facebook. Her English is fluent.

Monica Mitreanu

Monica Mitreanu rescues from Breasta, one of the worst public shelters in Romania.

I don’t know a lot about her, but other people report that she is a very good rescuer.

Oana Andreea Popa (Klmt)

Oana saves a lot of dogs and cats in Vaslui  (east part of the country usually regarded as behind with the times to say it nicely).

She operates in a silo. She’s got her own group of supporters, mostly from Germany, Netherlands and other western european countries. Because she operates in a silo she has been spared the envy that a lot of Romanians rescuers endure from other people.

She has her own private Facebook group where she communicates the needs of the animals rescued by her, posts receipts, and looks for responsible adopters. I donated to her once way back when and I would gladly do it again. I consider her a bona fide rescuer who deserves to be supported by people.