The life of an animal rescuer in Romania


Rescuing animals in Romania is a very frustrating activity. Starting with a lack of support from the very authorities that should help solve the problem to hateful neighbors who disrespect or even abuse the rescuers (especially if the rescuer is a female), and ending with biased media, the life of an animal rescuer in Romania is never a dull moment.

For every successful Romanian rescuer, there are countless people who battle the abandonment and animal abuse alone and without any support.



There are few things more frustrating than knowing that you are doing the right thing and yet everybody around you tell you that you are wrong.rescuer-life_03

Altough there is a law against animal cruelty, that’s not a guarantee that the animals will be protected. Defending animals is not on the list of priorities for Romanian police and justice system.


Many rescuers do their activity despite the opposition of the family or friends. A lot of times this opposition takes the shape of continuous criticism or even verbal abuse.


Homeless dogs are seen as vermin and if one chooses to rescue one of them that person will be considered dirty or crazy.


Instead of inspiring people to be more compassionate, most of TV stations and newspapers publish sensationalists articles that paint an aggressive image of the homeless dogs and villainize the rescuers.

rescuer-life_07Seeing all these abused animals and the callous attitude of people toward them is not a walk in the park. The compassion of these is what makes them great rescuers, but it also puts them at risk for psychological abuse.