Fara Maidanezi

Fara Maidanezi translates into No Stray Dogs.

The person behind this Facebook page spews a lot of hate against dogs. The discourse if atrocious, riddled with bad words and swearing and full of propaganda against homeless animals and the people who chose to rescue them. I reported some of the worst posts to Facebook, but fb didn’t care.

Their page is in Romanian language and it is geared toward convincing people that dogs are malignant vermin that needs to be killed the same way you kill rats. They claim homeless dogs is basically an infestation and it should be treated accordingly.

Quoting from their website: “The sterilization of stray dogs is the most stupid thing possible. Stray dogs have to be killed en masse”.

Looking at their website was painful, especially since a lot of dog on human aggression dogs are either fake or exaggerated.

A lot of Romanians fall prey to this kind of propaganda because whoever is behind this Facebook account exploits people’s fears that their kids might be attacked by aggressive dogs. Sadly it doesn’t take much to instigate Romanians to hate homeless animals. Under the pretense that they protect children and human rights, they instigate to hate against animals and a lot of people buy into that.

Their Facebook page has a custom tab (Drepturile Omului, translated as Human Rights), and this tells me that either the person behind the page is knowledgeable about web development or they have enough money to pay someone to make the custom tab for them. In my opinion this Facebook page has some backing from authorities or people that stand to gain from mass euthanasia and they use this as a tool to instigate people against dogs and allow them to continue the public shelter businesses. They have one more page called “fugi ca vin hingherii” (run because the dog catchers are coming). This page is not as popular as “Fara Maidanezi”. Both pages were founded on 2011, 2012 and they got traction in 2013 when Ionut (the unsupervised kid who got mauled to death by some dogs)

Angel Pet Transport

Transport Romania to UK only

Additional email address

Pick up locations

Drop off locations

5 star reviews on Facebook (over 160 reviews, so they must be doing something good)

V.I.Pet Transport

Ground transportation for dogs

Private group organized by Ioana Gheorghian.

Pick up locations

Drop off locations

MDPA (Miscarea Dreptate Pentru Animale)

MDPA (Miscarea Dreptate Pentru Animale) translates as Justice For Animals Movement.

I don’t know if they have legal status or it’s an ad-hoc group of activists. Either way they are responsible for organizing protests for animal rights and for lobbying the authorities to improve the animal welfare and anti-cruelty laws.

They also spread awareness about a lot of cruelty cases and they educate the people who discover these cases on how to report to police. They do that through posts on Facebook, so do not imagine classes of civic education.

MDPA is most likely one of the very few activist organizations that are initiating legal actions against authorities for not applying Law 204 (the Romanian law for Animal Welfare)

Here is their website Miscarea Dreptate Pentru Animale

Kuki Alexandru Barbuceanu

He is a project manager at Vier Pfoten, one of the largest animal rights organizations in Europe. He was very vocal against the dog culling following immediately after the death of Ionut.

Fedora MaryLoo

Admin group Stop Euthanasia! Say YES to animal rights

Daniel Nicolaina

Information about Daniel Nicolaina’s education activity and his show “Saving Souls” (Salvam Suflete).

Link to Marius Chirca (Kola Kariola)

Ancuta Elena Nadis

Ancuta rescues horses. She has a farm somewhere close to Bucharest and she would be the go to person if you need a place to host/foster a horse. She is very knowledgeable about horse vet care.


Notable case: Phoenix

Primary Facebook Page: Save The Horses Romania

Secondary Facebook Page: Asociatia Pentru Viata (Pro Life Association)

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